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thanks for the input.

there's too many provider man, really difficult to choose.

like heli hike got franzjosefglacier and helicopter line. bookme got cheaper deal for helicopter line.
anyway, i got 2 day stay at fjg.. want to do heli hike and skydive. but scare book liao either one cancel, need reschedule then got conflict. like that how ah? it's probably different coy, so not sure how for this.

for skydive, what's the better timing ah? i think like take 10am one, but probably will jump around noon time which can be quite burning right? at end nov period.

for Milford Sound even worst. the more i find, the more coy i saw. got real journey (Quite exp).. then got jucy and go orange. which is reasonable price. then i saw vip milford and ecotour. ecotour like jucy i think (or a subsidary). vip milford seem nice, and got promo now. half price for driver.

how u guys decide and choose anyway?
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