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My Thoughts.....

After reading this thread, I cant help it but to LOL to some of the things mention about PCP.... thou to a certain extent I agree on some part about the high LD amount..

I think its up to individual to manage and cope with the 2yr course... Need a lot of self-discipline too... Its right that the 2yr studies and clinical attachment are not easy, but lecturers, classmates and clinical instructors are there to help... Just have to open up "golden mouth" to ask for help..

Nursing is a job where you need a lot of teamwork, critical thinking, interaction skills, and be very observant...
BUT if those individuals who are anti-social, don't enjoy group work and loner.... then I think this course is not suitable for them... Being a LONER, its impossible to sustain the 2yr course.... Can't imagine that....

But I have got a very observant classmate who is a person with few words but has excellent critical thinking and interaction skills with patients is superb, especially with older patients..

NYP is teaching the fundamentals of nursing skills and the necessary expectations(safety issues to ensure that no harm is done to the patient) needed for lab test... if not able to attain fundamental skills taught in NYP, how to nurse your patients in hospital if your hospital P&P is more complex?
Eventually, when we are back in our hospital after graduated, we need to follow our hospital P&P... Different hospital has different P&P... So we cant expect NYP to teach all right?

So to those Singaporeans and PR... if you got the passion in nursing, just try.... With the passion, I guess everything is possible... Jia you!! At least for me, I didn't think about the LD, as my objective is to graduate and be a nurse..

To those who have passion in nursing, feel free to PM me if u have any questions... but dont ask about LD amount... different hospital has different amount....

PCP RN graduate
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