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Why is NETS Flashpay deactivation possibility and history check so poor?

I am trying to decide which cards to get at home for my wife and helper - both of whom have a greater than zero probability (let's say 0.3) of losing their cards.

NETS Flashpay has 2 cons:

I am aghast to find that NETS Flashpay does not have any easy way of blocking or deactivating the card if lost and stolen, whereas the Activate programme of EZ Link does that easily, albeit with one phone call. What gives? This lack of a security backup for NETS Flashpay is completely bizarre. I know that there is an AIA insurance programme, but that is through AIA and is valid only for 1 year! What mountains would NETS have to move to offer a card blocking facility?

The NETS Flashpay app on Android does not have any way of checking history or current balance unless the card is in hand. The EZ-link app (not My EZ-Link, the other one) has the history and current balance, probably as of 12-24 hours earlier but good enough.


The *only* reason I see of getting NETS Flashpay over EZ-link is that BOC gives a 5% rebate on the NETS Flashpay ATU, whereas if I understand correctly, there is no similar rebate for any EZ-link ATU. Is that right? If any bank gives a rebate against EZ-link ATU, I would get that without a...third thought.

Any ideas?
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