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I have been installing Whitestone a lot of times on my previous s8+ and wife s8 and colleagues note 8.

It's actually very idiot proof if you ask me.

A few tips before you all really start & also increase your chances in successfuly applying the Whitestone dome.

1. Use a clear tape to tape all gaps surrounding the sides of the phones. Do not tape anything on the screen.

2. Place the phone into the tray provided. There is 2 absorbent pads to absorb any excess liquid glue escaping from the sides of the glass.

3. When it overflows, remember, DO NOT PANIC. Remember this is UV glue. It will not harden till you cure it with UV light. EVEN if it hardens, it can be removed easily as this glue becomes like a gel like adhesive substance, which can also be easily removed with alcohol swab which is being provided.

3. When pouring the glue on the screen surface. Do not put the glass immediately. Check the surroundings for last min dust flying in. Once you confirm that there is no dust. Then release the glass down.

4. Do not cure first. WAIT and check all the corners. Make sure there is no pertruding corners. Check for bubbles, if there is air bubble. Slowly push the bubble away to the side.

5. Now cure it with UV light provided. DO NOT cure it too long. In fact a good 1min for both top and bottom is fine. DO NOT CURE more than that, cause if you have excess glue sipped through the back of it, your phone might be stucked to the tray. So just cure the top and bottom lightly will do.

6. Remove the phone from the tray, then remove the clear tape. The remaining glue around it or at the back of the phone, use the alcohol swab to clean it away. Or alternatively. Just wash the back of the phone with soap and rinse off.

Any way, not so simple, but the end result is satisfying. Cause no tgsp come close to Whitestone. It is by far the best tgsp for any curve screen phone. Cannot go wrong with it either.

And remember, you only need to buy 1x good one tgsp. Don't keep buying rubbish tgsp till you spend more than Whitestone pricing.

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