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Hi guys,

Need some expert advice. Just bought a US version PS4 and have the following questions:

- Which country's PSN account should I register by default considering that i tend to buy games from local stores?
- Can I swap the US power cable with the local 3-pin type socket cable?
- Where can I get the local 3-pin type socket for the PS4?
- Any issues playing locally bought PS4 games? E.g. Does the "x" and "o" difference affect game play?
- Is the DVD playback region free? If not, can it be changed later in settings?

Thks in advance.
I'll try and help you answer some of your questions:

1. Since local stores, register singapore psn. Otherwise DLCs will not work
2. Can swap
3. Sim Lim or local hardware shops should sell
4. Doesn't affect
5. DVDs are region locked. Can't be changed. If you're talking about Blu-ray then SG same region as USA.
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