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Speedtest is pretty ok for me like many others.

However, there is really something wrong with VQ routing to services in Europe. These include e.g. file hosting site. I'm using 3rd party VPN and when I connect to their HK servers the download speed increases 10x and when disconnected it drops to crawling speed.

Anyone know any easy method to do traceroute to individual files in different filehosting services? Behind the link there are different servers but at least JDownloader 2 does not show the actual remote host info which is required for traceroute.
Yeap, same for me.

Speedtest no issue. But real download speed to filesharing sites is crawling worst than 56KBps adsl days. And guess what the tech told me? If speedtest is okay, means nothing wrong. This is true to an extent.

Sent them the traceroute - "working" on it. Called me back days later, and remote control my PC from wherever they are based. Then run speedtest again - say speed not an issue.

- Says im not on wired (which i am on wired connection
- blames file hosting sites (but i told them the download affects EVERY major sites as well).
- advise me to use different download manager and not IDM (did that via remote access but still don't believe it's their issue).

Just did another test: General Failure

Regardless, I don't see any attempt to resolve the latency / download issues we are facing.

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