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I've been using it since my first ride in 2008.

I use the spray type - conditioner, not the liquid paste kind, liquid paste is thick and I find it very hard to apply, I still got 1 bottle I bought long ago... I went back to the spray type.

My Vios is the one with red threading (sports model) and it's been good for the past 8 yrs 3 months, cleaning/wiping it every 2 weeks to make it shine. I also use it on my wallet/card holders that are leather (mont blanc etc). It shines and protect.

As long as it's leather trim, I use it, yes, even on the gear knob/handbrake and steering. I've since changed to Mazda3 and I continue the same routine, every 2 weeks condition the steering/gear/brake/seats/headrests etc.

Just don't over excessively apply and let dry, make sure you wipe it such that it 'eats' into the leather and no excess should be remaining resulting in slippery feel or grip. It's dangerous also if there's excess on the wheel.

As for dashboard/vinyl trims, you can use the ultimate shine protectant, it's another meguair's brand, I use it on my door/dashboard/exterior vinyl trims (fog lights, grill, door exterior, bumper trims).

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