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Vectis sniper rifle feels pretty good.

jus started crafting Boltor. i don't know if it is worth it or not

reached mastery 2. so i guess i should be framing Jackal for Rhino blueprints for now right? then i have to try to rank Rhino from the beginning? damn.
Vectis is a good sniper weapon.
Rhino is a very tanky warframe which is very useful. So getting the normal one first is always a good choice. leveling/rank up can be done at higher level mission which mean u get more exp. Best done in a group with friends or from the recruitment chat.

how to just farm? keep play campaign till sien leh
There are alot of things u can farm, like relic which is use for farming prime part ( warframe or weapon ), endo for leveling mod ( mod is like a card to boost your weapon or warframe ), event that is happening for a certain time frame, kuva for rerolling your riven mod ( OP mod for MR8 and above ) or any other resources.

dunno leh. i havent repeat any missions before.

if i play open slot, players will jus come in and play for me

but how come after the boss, they can wrap so fast to the entrance? abort mission? everytime everyone have to wait for me
Like what someone just reply to u, you can start with slide forward then jump forward and slide again in the air just before you reach the ground and then jump forward again and repeat. This is the fastest way to rush forward and save time.
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