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Thanks guys !

Think will get the squeeze bottle type.
So far only see the Clean+Condition available locally in squeeze bottle.
"Condition-only" only available in Spray type.

Is there a big diff btw the Clean+Condition vs Condition-only ?

For the Spray type, wouldnt it be hard to control the target area ?
Scare it will 'fly' all over the interior wor.

Generally will prefer the "all-in-1" type.
Already too many bottles.... Wash; Wax; Tire Shine; Leather.
Think will also try it out on a small area on the Dashboard.
4 diff bottles is my Max liao
Let's see...

Meguair's Detailer
Meguair's Tyre Shine
Meguair's Quik Wax
Meguair's Carnuba Wax
Meguair's Leather Conditioner
Meguair's Shine Protectant

That's excluding some of the other stuff I have in the boot 1 bottle fits all... don't have.

Hi EJB Bro,

Since you apply every 2 weeks,
When you sold your 8yo car,
is your leather "like-new' without any cracking or look worn-out ?

Also, you park indoor or outdoor ?

Yes, my driver seat has some creases and slight worn look, since this seat is a 'always will have passenger', so it cannot be 100% perfect, but compared with my colleague's vios, his already cracked and the foam is showing. Mine is dark and shiny after each application. My car looks better than showroom condition after 8 years, of course, only myself will know where the dings and superficial issues are.

I make it a point to park it indoors, but there are periods of times I park outdoors - Reservists, and in 2015-2016, I was jobless, I found an admin job, and they had FOC parking but open air, no choice, I just drive and park for approximately 7 months in open air under the sun.

Surprisingly, my car condition didn't deteriorate probably due to my diligent weekly maintenance. I can foresee people coming in to say I'm wasting time on a car as the car is supposed to serve me and I shouldn't be a slave to the car...
I ish jin tired...
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