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Good to see this page that wasn't so active before becoming one of the more active pages. Well done everyone for helping each other in need.

I see some people here wanting to bring their own stuff to be fixed in JB.

Just to share some things your stockist in sg is cheaper (Google for them)

Some things are cheaper in msia stockist. You can try CT Auto. If you want a quick fix you can buy from CT auto and drive to CH Auto which is just around the corner or bring to ah yuan (like i do).

85-87, Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Can call them to enquire. Speak Chinese or Malay to them please cos they not proficient in English

I don't wish to sabo any businesses here so I haven't been recommending much, as I dun want my long standing relationships with all these workshops (including those i recommended earlier, frankly I was alittle regretful to have been so kaypo to share all the workshops that i did cos of an unmet expectations from one of the brothers here and the workshop got slammed for trying to help foc, i feel bad for both the brother and the workshop - because of misunderstanding and unmet expectations, so i hereby want to apologise to all for the poor recommendation of LCH, but at the end its just a misunderstanding but glad to know there are those who still have faith in my recommendations and still support LCH like I do) be ruin cos of misunderstanding or unhappiness, however my earlier recommendation of LCH, YS, BTS, Chiang Auto (expensive cos its for bmw), Syrakit aircon and later Gosford, is basically the full deal of what a car driver needs to know from body works to under the hood to inside the car... and some brothers here recommended accessories - Sheng Auto. I guess this is more than enough choices for now without getting their head chopped lol.

I thought I share about CT auto in case there is a brother in need. They sell brake pads, oil filter, aircon filter, air filter, engine oil, atf, brake fluid, belts, absorbers, springs, mounting, engine mounting, radiator, alternator, battery etc. the good thing is that they might carry oem parts. Some things they might not be the cheapest but if you urgently need the part and u are in JB, its difficult to run back to sg stockist to buy, then this is the place you can go to.

Hope you guys can save money and get the best deal out of it. CT Auto is my number 1 supplier for my car stuff because i dun have time to go kaki bukit to take one item and Jurong to take three item, I go for one stop lol... CT Auto are good for Msia made, Japan brand cars and Kia, other types of cars can try to ask but provided its commonly seen in JB however please note that some things could be more expensive than SG. Esp Original parts

I have an 8 years working relationship with them, so hope this time no complaints...

Hope this helps any brother in need to have more options and choices to choose from in car maintenance.

Glad to see so many pple here taking time and effort to maintain their cars.

Got alot of PMs from the brothers here (even tho i say not to pm me haahaha) but glad to be of help.

Continue to share everyone so that we can make Singapore roads a safer road to drive on (car breaking down in the middle of the road due to poor maintenance is a big issue in sg esp during peak hours lol)

Have a wonderful weekend all
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