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Let's see...

Meguair's Detailer
Meguair's Tyre Shine
Meguair's Quik Wax
Meguair's Carnuba Wax
Meguair's Leather Conditioner
Meguair's Shine Protectant

That's excluding some of the other stuff I have in the boot 1 bottle fits all... don't have.

Yes, my driver seat has some creases and slight worn look, since this seat is a 'always will have passenger', so it cannot be 100% perfect, but compared with my colleague's vios, his already cracked and the foam is showing. Mine is dark and shiny after each application. My car looks better than showroom condition after 8 years, of course, only myself will know where the dings and superficial issues are.

I make it a point to park it indoors, but there are periods of times I park outdoors - Reservists, and in 2015-2016, I was jobless, I found an admin job, and they had FOC parking but open air, no choice, I just drive and park for approximately 7 months in open air under the sun.

Surprisingly, my car condition didn't deteriorate probably due to my diligent weekly maintenance. I can foresee people coming in to say I'm wasting time on a car as the car is supposed to serve me and I shouldn't be a slave to the car...
Thanks for sharing.
To each his own....happy can liao lor
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