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which mod worth leveling for beginner?

i am doing vitality, the energy shield one and melee damage for now.

i just go around doing the leap attack with the heat

i went and bought Logitech G502 mouse, now got many buttons to program haha!
Beginners get ur health high, can last longer...but without better dmg output, also abit hard to survive. Let’s say, u’re using excal for beginner, go read up how to mod excal.
Those are the mods used for building a good excal.

For effective dmg output... Google Warframe damage 2.0. Each type of enemy have their own weakness... what’s effectively killing the Grineer might not be effectively killing the corpus.

For beginner, best is to use rhino. It’s a tanky frame which can survive some mid level abuse. The frost prime I mentioned above also quite a good one for beginner.

My advice is to spend some cash to buy the plats only if you’re interested in playing long term and If managed to get 50-75% discount on plat purchase. If don’t feel like spending money, but can commit time, go do some relic farming and then farm prime parts to sell for plats.

Recruiting chat is your saviour... sometime if you ask, you will get it...and let ppl know beforehand that you’re new.. need guidance... if not they will abort the mission halfway and gg...

One useful site:

U can’t see alert/invasion if the planet not available to you. Can check this site and if there’s any orokin catalyst, reactor or forma blueprint as reward for alert or invasion. Go to the recruiting tab. Type LF taxi to e.g forma alert. LF= looking for. These 3 items are essential to building a stronger Warframe n weapon.

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