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wah thanks..really just park there 30mins't even watch, was playing

Sorry for the late reply.

Glad u got it. And do double check and make sure your prime trial is unsub, if not it will be a monthly billing...

This game has a lot of potential. I stopped playing for almost 2 years as I burnt out grinding for stuffs...come back and was hooked again...

The learning curve was pretty steep, but the wiki is always there to help.

Oh ya... recently due to the game awards ceremony, DE (the company of Warframe) gave out free sayandana and sigil.... itís cosmetics stuffs, but when u get halfway thru this game. You will gradually become a fashion wh0re. How to get it? By going to any of the Warframe twitch partner (those that stream this game), and watch the game for 30 mins. You donít have to really watch, just be present in the channel and you can go do other stuffs... itís still dropping as of yesterday...
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