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Went to Kitchen Table at W Sentosa for their seafood dinner buffet. s88++ per person.

Summary: "Overall, we really liked the abundance of seafood available throughout the whole buffet line, and also some of the novel (to us, anyway) flavours like the tandoori lobster. What we didn't really like was some of the hot dishes being left out on the line for way too long. We also thought that while the food was generally "not bad," there weren't really any standout "oh so delicious" dishes. To us, we think it's a little much to ask a diner to drive (or UberGrab) all the way out to Sentosa Cove, and pay a hundred bucks for this dinner, when there are countless other hotel buffets in Singapore that are better, cheaper, more convenient, or all three."

If you're interested in full review / pics, can check bloglink here:
Have always been thinking to try out Kitchen Table. Not sure if it is covered under AMEX 1-for-1. But if you have staycation in one of the hotels. I think it's a good choice.

Your review really makes me think twice now. hahaha

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