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i just saw Jabra Elite Sport on Qoo10 -> 201 after coupon (90+50) added... not sure real deal or not.. Ship from South Korea..Lack review, QnA also 2 questions but the seller is not really answering the question
Jabra Elite Sport offers balanced audio across the frequency. Good plushy bass and forward mids and sufficiently clear treble, similar sound signature as the Jabra Sport Pulse. Very tight fit on the ears, like wearing CIEM.

I am testing this, Beoplay E8, Samsung IconX at the same time. Jabra is my preferred and comes with coach voice features and heart-rate monitor.

Beoplay E8 is slightly more exciting sound, with slight V-shaped frequency, clear treble and responsive bass. Design-wise, it is the nicest.

IconX is the worst, when testing with non-Samsung phones, audio quality is very poor. But the advantage is in-ear storage.
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