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Hi all. I been playing on USA servers since last year May. The SEA players i know on the servers are not rerolling as its so time consuming and $$$ to get back our gear and levels. (Halfway to lvl 62, softcapped gearscore and mulitple high 60s alts).
Nevertheless, those interested in trying out the game and have questions. Feel free to ask and i will try to answer them.

Some short input from me before you try the game.

1. Its a beautiful game with very good graphics.
2. Open world pvp.
1. Gambling mechanics for any form of upgrades. (Main thing being gear, gear degrade after gear+18 attempts)
2. To enjoy the game, you will need to pay for convenience. (4-5 x Tier 2-3 pets (Shared among all characters) minimum, so you dont need to manual loot, inventory slots and weight limit (slots and weight bought is restricted to per character)
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