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long period for keeping the sim, but i go JB only for 1 day shopping.

mainly for grab/uber usage.

Though OneXOX comes with 28-month validity (subject to T&Cs), I'd say not really suitable for your use, I feel.

I'd still suggest going for DiGi Best. A couple of members here have shared a few times how one can maintain the card if you don't want to pay RM108 for 1-year validity (comes with free data fast and slow), or you can check their website on how this plan works. (Grace period for this is... 75 days.)

Offhand, the RM1 300MB daily data will do for your Grab/Uber usage. I've tried their free basic internet to Grab at Bukit Indah before, and couldn't get the app to work quickly enough. So just subscribe and let them deduct the RM1.

See the table here
If you buy now, yours will be Digi Prepaid Best 2017, so one method to reactivate the card during its grace period is to subscribe for 1-day Super Long Life (SLL).

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