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Anybody has tried comparing the beoplay E8 and Sony wf1000x?
How does the bragi dash pro sound like?
I have and sold off the Sony WF-1000x. Currently using the Beoplay E8. Both are very good. WF-1000x after the latest 1.07 update minimized the right earbud disconnection problem. E8 pairing is a bitch. Took me 2 hours to figure out how to pair and I have used over 10 types of truly wireless earbuds and this have me scratching my head thinking if I got a lemon. Once pair the sound is really very good.

E8 currently is my favorite.

Have not tried Dash pro but have used Dash before. Dash has this background noise and is quite distracting. I have my eye on Dash pro but the price of $528 local warranty at is too expensive. Will wait awhile to see if the price will go down.
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