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I'm going to Taiwan for 10 days, 30 Dec - 8 Jan.

30 Dec Day 1 (Taichung)
Taoyuan airport >>> Taichung (Taking UBUS)
Fengjia night market
Should I pack more things in since I am reaching airport at 7am?

31 Dec Day 2 (Taichung)
Haven't plan out, should be the usual tourist spots like lavender cottage and rainbow village?
Anywhere nice to countdown maybe?

1 Jan Day 3 (Alishan)
HSR Taichung >>> Chiayi >>> Fenchihu >>> Alishan (It's actually more complicated than this because train station and HSR must travel)
Fenchihu garage and old street
Fenchihu lunchbox (I got 3 places in mind, Fenchihu hotel, Ah liang and Ya Hu cuz got a lot of talks about them but don't know which to try yet and I also want to buy the metal lunchbox back lol anyone know how much?)
Sunset at Ciyun temple (Heard this is the best spot?)
Not sure where to eat for dinner but hoping for hotpot cuz should be cold, anyone know got recommendation?

2 Jan Day 4 (Taipei)
Alishan sunrise
Alishan >>> Chiayi >>> Taipei
Din tai fung muahahaha
Ningxia night market

3 Jan Day 5 (Taipei)
Beitou hot springs (Still finding a nice private hot spring)

4 Jan Day 6 (Taipei)
Bought a klook tour to Yehliu geopark, Yinyang sea, 13-layer remains, Golden waterfall, Jiufen and Shifen (hope got time for the lantern) bought at about $31/pax is it worth it?
BBQ dinner

5 Jan Day 7 (Taipei)
Addiction aquatic development to eat seafood
Shilin night market

6 Jan Day 8
Thinking of Yangmingshan or elephant mountain

7 Jan Day 9
Relax day to stock things home
I want to buy the instant beef noodles with the real beef inside, got any superb recommendation? And should I buy the bowl or packet version, heard ppl say got difference in taste.
Any die die must-buy?

8 Jan Day 10
Flight is 7.30am, still figuring out what time is best to leave the hotel and what transport mode.

Any comments, suggestions or advise? I already did the online immigration thing and then going to check out the exchange rate thread. Also wondering about the weather, long sleeve and jacket sufficient or need thick jacket, and thick stockings can tahan or not.
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