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If I'm using a Samsung S8, would you guys recommend me to get Sony WF-1000X or Samsung IconX 2018?

I've shortlisted to this 2, really unsure which to get, the reliability of the connection is a big factor for me, and probably I will use it for some runnings....

Based on this alone I would have chosen IconX already, but then some say the IconX sound sounds alot worse than Sony WF-1000x...
Ok my take. Sony WF-1000x good sound but SBC profile which S8 is using will give only 2 hours of playtime regardless NC on or off.

Gear Icon X 2017 playtime 5 hours SBC profile. Got sport coaching n heartbeat monitoring and also 4gb storage. Also now around $250+?

It seem that gear icon X 2017 is the more value one.
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