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DiGi Best (and LIVE) Prepaid - Super Long Life (Validity Extension)

Check out this table here for the various costs and eligibility of DiGi's Super Long Life (SLL) option.

One reason why I told my friends not to be too hasty in throwing away a SIM card, thinking of buying a new one the next time. If you noticed, the costs of SLL are higher for the newer versions. A friend gave up a New Best v1 card, then bought a 2016 version and recently paid RM108 (instead of RM38) for SLL.

Note that this is only an option, as you can choose to do it the other way of constantly topping up (or activating shorter extensions) while watching not to exceed the grace periods. Personal choice.

Another friend bought a 2016 version earlier this year, and paid RM68 for SLL. Price went up to RM108 within a few weeks and he said he's going to give it up. Now he's changed his mind and planning to pay RM108 for another year. Like I said, it depends on your needs and wants.

The 2017 version comes with free basic internet and if I'm not mistaken, also free fast internet during certain hours...?
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