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If possible, top up the card but don't buy the 2GB for 7 days plan.

Starter pack come with preloaded 300MB for 7 days; if not enough, can spend RM1/day on IDD and enjoy FREE 1GB high-speed Internet for the rest of the day.

OR you can get those one time 1 day plan via their mobile app; either RM1 for 300MB or RM3 for 1GB +1GB (1pm-7pm) depends on your usage.
Yes, ditto the RM1 IDD call for 1GB of data.

There's an alternative that I love to use (just plainly for convenience) if I am there >3 days: RM10 (7 Days, 1.5GB Quota).

In addition to that, enjoy 1GB everyday from 1pm-7pm and another 1GB from 12am-8am (only for Digi Best plans - this is available as long as your card is active - there's no need to subscribe to internet at all). In other words, your 1.5GB Quota will only be used between 8am-1pm, 7pm-12am.

However, if you're looking for value, the RM1 IDD call would be a better choice.
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