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Yup, someone (or two) already explained in detail before, if you go check it out.

However, as I've some time in hand at the moment, I shall do it briefly:

DiGi Prepaid Best 2017?

For every prepaid card, there's the Active Period, Grace Period, Termination.

When your card is Active, you can do incoming & outgoing calls and text, and use the Internet. Once it goes into Grace Period (75 days for DiGi Best), you can only receive calls and SMS. Once it's Terminated, you'll have to go buy a new SIM pack.

During the grace period (to reactivate the card), you can either top-up or use the Extend Validity function found in the app (I think there's this option via USSD code, but you'll have to go find it as I'm too used to using the MyDigi app). I'm not sure if this function differs with the various DiGi Best versions, though. Mine also shows a 30-day option, but note that your credit balance has to be higher than the respective costs in order to see the available options.

If you choose to top up, the minimum top-up voucher is RM5 with validity well over YR2020 so you can get a few to keep.

Anyway, after the card is reactivated, the grace period will reset to 75 days once again.

I've to rush off, so E&OE... check their website for details/confirmation of information.

(Oh, if you don't want to bother about keeping track of the various stages of expiration, you can also choose to pay RM108 (for 2016 and 2017 versions) for 365-day validity. Personal choice.)
thanks a lot bro, really helps. maybe the admin should sticky this post and the one after, as it has the most updated info.. i tried reading a few threads back but got lost in complexity.
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