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Just to share my experience to JB workshop during the Xmas period.
Stayed 3 days 2 nights at holiday villa resort just beside KSL city mall.

1- Tires and Faithful Service Workshop

Service my ride at this workshop which is located near Bukit Indah. Can google the name on map. The boss is small size guy with his wife inside the office collecting money.

Did check for all my 4 sides wheels and suspension when ride was hoisted up.
Ask if coolant and brake fuikd needed.

They check and say no.

-Engine oil and spark plug labour - 25RM (brought own engine oil and oil filter and iridium plugs from sg)
-Engine flush x 2 times 50RM
-change ATF oil SP-3 160RM
-change air and cabin filter free. (Brought my own )

2- Sheng Auto Accesory

My 2nd time visiting this WS, wrapping interior centre part of my ride.
Wanted to do pillars but Jackson and his brother was busy that day.

Have a good chat with them and very good job done on my radio panel and gearbox area.
Will go back for more.

Cost - RM130

3- BTS Paintshop

Did a repaint on my side skid.
Downtime - 2.5hours
Cost -120RM

LeFt my car there and took grab to aeon Bukit indah for 4Rm.
Saw 2 sg car left there so also did the same.

Very excellent workmanship
Colour just like my own ride.

4- car wash

Near money changer OPPSITE Bukit indah
Vacuum car only is 10Rm
Nice......i know bukit indah beside tesco and Giant that space has alot of workshops.

I went one random workshop to get my audio wiring and in car wiring fixed. Remember it's beside a laundry shop at the corner of that workshop cluster.

As my car was bought 2nd hand and renewed.....alot of old wiring left like foglight/DRL, car alarm leftover wires.

The shop took some time and removed almost 10m worth of unknown cables and properly wired up car camera and defi to my steering main power source instead of fuse box.

Now below steering looks very much cleaner and no worries of wires dropping down or short circuit.

Spent rm180 for all works and 3 hours of removing every cable, identifying them and cable management.

Spent my time waiting and observing there as I wanted to know what are the wires left inside.
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