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Last time, PCP for Physiotherapy (PCP-P) is at Diploma level. If not wrong, PCP-P will still get government subsidies like tuition grants cause it is the same 3 years course as full time. This mean LD amounts will be much lower compare to 2 years PCP-RN.

Now, PCP-P is at Degree level which is the reason why it is more expensive. But PCP-P still get government subsidies like tuition grants to bring down the LD while this is not given to PCP-RN.

So all courses like PCP-P, you will know how much the course fees & able to give you details information like LD. Only PCP-RN, it is up to NYP to give a course fees after class start. Individual will needs to go NYP office to get the invoice to know the actual amount of course fees & use the calculation formula in sponsorship deed to know your actual LD amount.

Don't ask me why this is double standard. Normally, a seller will give a price for the product to be consider by the buyer. However I am surprise why this work another way when the buyers (WDA, MOH, MOHH and sponsoring hospitals) willing to buy the product before the seller (NYP) even give the actual price.

It is up to Auditor General's Office (AGO) to question:

1) Why did NYP charge a high price or unacceptable purchasing procedures?

2) Why MOE give Singaporeans & PRs Tuition Grant for studying full-time Diploma in Nursing (PCP) but NYP did not apply for it?

After reading your post in the forum, I must thank you for the insights of the PCP conversion programme. I had applied for the PCP for Physiotherapy, but i wasn't shortlisted for the course eventually. A lot of times, I have been asking myself if I should also try out for Nursing as well, however, i know this isn't my cup of tea. Also given the fact that it's an accelerated 2 years course instead of a 3 years course, something just tells me things are not quite right. After reading what you had discussed in HWZ, I am very thankful for you to share in this forum. Everyone can know better before joining for any conversion programme course in the future. I guess the same things should apply in the PCP Physiotherapy course that I applied last year. I was relatively concerned on the liquidated damages because there was no way where I can get to know the amount. I was hopeful in getting a successful interview first before finding out what the LD amounts to. Like what you had said, the liquidated damages may not amount up to $125K, and this was drafted in their brochures. I am also quite shocked that the contract was only presented after signing the Letter of Undertaking. Seems to be me that there are lot of things that was untold of before joining/ signing the Letter of Undertaking as I believe at that point of time, your interest in the the RN course comes first before anything else. This includes the understanding of the qualification recognition as well.
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