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Guys can I seek your views on the following ?
Condensation formed on my headlights and I went to a ws specialises in windscreen and headlights repair at kb@synergy and spent 160. Few months later, I notice water vapours in the headlights after a heavy downpour and I checked with the ws and he said its normal. Is it so? My fault for being too trusting and failed to monitor after leaving the ws. It is my 4th ride and I usually dont bother to check my rides and instead just leave it in the 'good hands' of our local ws, assuming they would rectify the problems. It was only recently when I came across this thread that I start to compare prices between local and JB ws, as well as attempting to understand more on my ride. Pic below

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Condensation is not normal - it's bcos they didn't use NEW silicon specifically meant for headlamp(acrylic), they normally reuse back the old silicon which can no longer seal the headlamp tight.

There is no workshop in sg that can do a good job on your headlamps/tail lamps.

I even went all the way to KL to mod/repair my headlamps.

You can go to Sheng auto to do also. They did quite a lot of headlamp repairs and modding.

I didn't let them do cos I prefer a headlamp specialist (one and only in whole south East Asia)

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