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Just for Information

Nursing School like NYP will pay Hospital (HP) to train their Nursing Students (NS).

NYP will get their own Clinical Instructor (CI) (Most of them are part timer or freelancer) to 'supervise & coordinate' between NYP, HP & NS.

HP will get their own CI to train NS.

For PRCP (pre-registration consolidation posting), NS will be mentor under a Clinical Preceptor (CP).


Just for Sharing

I have a Senior who claim that during PRCP, CP is happily chatting with her friends instead of mentoring him.

NS were trained to observe their surrounding & know that his CP comment badly about his PRCP performance to NYP CI.

When NYP fail him, he appeal & requested a meeting (NYP Management, NYP CI, HP Management, HP CI & CP) & start to shoot back them.

If his PRCP performance is bad, why CP is not there to mentor & correct him?

CP fail him but why NYP CI did not even interview him before failing him (Before fail him, NYP CI needs to write in report the reason of failing. Really is blindly copy CP comment & paste it on report)?

HP CI know what happen long ago from NS & ask what can she help but inside meeting, she keep quiet.

NYP Management (& Staffs) always wayang & roti prata their statement as per what my senior claim. I encounter it myself firsthand. NYP Management is not there to help him investigate & assist his appeal. First tell him to just pay (Around $7K if I am not wrong) for PRCP 3rd time. Then he tell them if NYP provide free PRCP 3rd time, he will go. Then NYP say according to policy, he should be out of course cause he can only fail 2 times. He ask NYP to show policy & NYP say cannot show. Then NYP keep chasing him cause they only interested to ask him withdraw from PCP-RN course. NYP is always not consistent with their statement.


My thought

One of the nurse role is to be patient's advocate & nurse educator should be student's advocate. Where is the advocate when nursing students needs them the most?

I feels disgusting because Nurse (Educator) should not act hallowed & put similar things to your job description & etc if you cannot uphold it!
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