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Is The Lost Child worth playing ah? It's avail in Chinese at the moment in Asia store. Plot sounds SMT-ish (aka interesting)
I haven't seen any review or let's play yet, but saw some info below. Personally I don't like the old school dungeons in first person view with all 90 degree turns. It does look interesting though. It's currently on sale on Asia psn, 40% off (50% if you are PS+ member, making it around s$30.xx).

【試玩】《失落之子》體驗報導 以現代日本為舞台的全新「神話構想」


Another recent jrpg that interests me 魯弗蘭的地下迷宮與魔女的旅團 but I just don't like the 90 degrees first person dungeons

Cantonese let's play:
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