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Money face, even wants my wife to divorce me to split assets.. knn
The Women's Charter is very harsh on men even in this day and age when women really are not as helpless as those two to three generations ago.

Just imagine, if you made a mistake and married the wrong woman, you have to pay lifelong alimony to her after the divorce, even though she might earn more money than you. And if you remarry and made a mistake again to marry another wrong woman, you pay alimony to the second ex-wife as well. With two alimonies to pay, you will end up eating grass!

Clearly, the law gives you zero chance to make mistakes. You are expected to be very accurate and hit the bull's eye in your choice of a life partner.

As for the women, well they really have it good. Seriously, I think it's time the government (Parliament) revisits this matter, but then, who dares to risk losing (women's) votes? I doubt even Worker's Party MPs dare to raise this matter in Parliament.

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