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Lol! Wake words should be the least of your concerns. But I remember watching a CNET review which showed that the wake word can be changed to "Hey Google".

The thing about HA imho, at least currently, is that products are all overpriced and likely to be compatible with only 1 ecosystem and not the rest. There is no way we can "try out" GH or HK as surely something's not gonna work. That sucks from consumer's point of view.

haha i know it should be the least of my concern but if i'm getting a voice assistant i'd much prefer to be able to rename it to something that sound more natural locally lah... at least it wont sound awkward when i invite friends over and show to them how it works mah lol

ya.. after 2 weeks of online research, i also felt that the products are still quite pricey, especially small things like smart plugs, smart switch panels and bulbs etc... iot need to be more mainstream before the prices of these things start to make more commercial sense lah.

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