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Am I right to say that the “best” exchange rate in Seoul would be the one in Myeongdong, around the China embassy?
That's what most people in this forum said. Never check out money changers outside myeongdong before but looking around myeongdong in the past, the money changer near to the China embassy did look to have better rates than others (I did not check every single money changer though).

And I seems to have missed your question to me earlier on. I don't have time to go to Raffles Place so I changed at Chinatown at a rate which was not different from Raffles Place's rate. Few days later when in Seoul, we even asked a friend who would be joining us later to changed more for us in SG. 800 only but still better than the rate we saw in Myeongdong (that was on 29th Dec).
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