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But the weightage for mother tongue is not as high as maths/science right?
As in to go jc route in future, maths/ science plays a more impt part than mother tongue?
In order to go JC, your child needs to get less than 20 points for L1R5.

Language 1: English
Relevant 5: 1 Humanities, 1 Mathematics, 1 Humanities/Maths/Science + 2 other best subjects.

If your child score 65% for all 6 subjects, they will get 18 points - qualifying a couple of neighbour JCs. However, it is also essential to take note that if your child must score a minimum of D7 for Chinese OR Merit/Pass for Chinese Language Syllabus B.

Failure to do so will be disqualified for admission to JC even if your child scores full marks for all the above 6 subjects (6 points). Similarly, there is a minimum requirement for Chinese even at GCE A Levels to qualify for applying to local universities.

Don't need to be a distinction but best not to fail.
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