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If rely on public transportation only have bus service so indeed quite inconvenient for now.

Canberra MRT Station will be a game changer. Canberra's BTO price before and after LTA's announcement have significant difference.

As I have mentioned previously this is the early mover advantage.

Resale price easily double after MOP but only for those estates within 500m to MRT Station. Eastlink I w/ Canberra Plaza (Neighbourhood Centre) will huat the most!

In Singapore it is not easy to buy a BTO flat at MRT Station doorstep. Once sell very hard to get such a bargain in one's lifetime. 10 stops to Orchard MRT Station (direct).
Actually not much diff la. BTO to SBF price difference is only $6k.

And it took BTO, SBF 1, SBF 2 and ROF to clear the initial batch of Canberra units.
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