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TLDR: Courts online SUCKS!

Really fed up with these guys.
I ordered a surface pro on 12 Dec. Got an email confirmation of my order. Thought it'd be straightforward. Waited and waited, no news, nothing.

Gave them a call on 18 Dec. Alright, they said, their delivery guys might have slipped up on the order. No worries, they can provide the surface pro within next 2 days, the customer service person said.

Then the next day, got an email confirmation. (Finally). They can only deliver on 22 Dec only though, which was not what they said! Was not OK with that as I would be travelling! Called the CS guy and ranted.

Went back to check prices online. Whoopy doo - the price dropped. Enquired about their COURTS so-called PROMISE of a 300% price guarantee. Well guess what, its not applicable because of some random bullsh*t excuse.

So I cancelled the order and hoped that the nightmare is over.

Welp, its not.

On 22 Dec, received a call that asked me that they were going to deliver. I was roaming and was paying roaming charges. So clearly, something's seriously wrong with their internal communication, they can't even cancel an order. Anyway I just told the guy, this order is cancelled.

And its been 4 weeks. Until this date, they haven't refunded me yet. They haven't even issued any email confirmation of a cancel and refund.

Its been 4 weeks. Tried calling them yesterday, and the person said - sorry, the people in charge of invoicing will come back tomorrow, will ask them to provide a notice of refund.

Tried calling again today, and the CS lady told me that - the refund would take 3 weeks.


Never mind, I asked her, just send me the email confirmation that my order is cancelled. Send it now. She promised she'd send today. She didn't have my email (for some reason, although they were able to email me my order in the first place) and offered to whatsapp to me? (Like seriously?????)

Insisted on her sending to my email, and told her my email address over the phone.

Now its past their office hours, and they haven't emailed me anything. Its showing up on credit card bill and I have to pay, and dispute this charge, but they haven't even given me the confirmation of cancellation.

I can only conclude that these people are either blatantly dishonest or seriously inept and they have been going back on their word again and again.

Stay away or else be prepared to suffer the worst of customer service EVER.

And if I have to call them again to listen to their advertisement asking me to shop at courts online for the Nth time, I'll properly blast them.
Have similar neg experience with them before. Never buy from them again.

Bought, said have stock.. 1 day before delivery after waiting for more than a week for the delivery, say no stock. refund took more than 1 month after numerous emails exchange.

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