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Hi All,

I have a puzzling situation:

I have 2 TVs connected to Starhub SCV points and are using DVB-C on both.

On the first TV (Philips 50pft6709) which has a DVB-C tuner, all the FTA digital channels have the word "Analogue" below the Mediacorp logo and the images are definitely SD quality even though the transmission is digital.

For the second TV, I am using a set-top box (Openbox V8 pro) and this works fine in receiving digital full-HD programs. There is no "Analogue" word below the logo.

The frequency used on both are also different. For example, for Channel 5, the freq is 642 MHz on the Philips TV and 370 MHz on the set-top box. I have tried to manually tune to 370 MHz on the Philips TV but I only get SCV scrambled channels.

So my question is why the difference even when both are DVB-C and connected to Starhub SCV points? Can any expert explain please?

All Mediacorp's digital program on Starhub cable are unscrambled. Some TV will not even display the channel numbers for scrambled programmes.

Starhub's cable backend is able to detect what type of "official" set-top box you are using. Currently Ch5 is on 102 for all HD & SD set-top boxes (a year ago 155 is for HD5). The problem lies whether you are directed to the SD video or HD video.

Like I mentioned so many times, Starhub is pushing all their SD set-top box user to upgrade to HD IPTV stb. They will be ending their SD set-top box service very soon. Sooner than ASO.

For SD video, the analogue logo exists because Starhub is using the video feed meant for their analogue transmission in the cable. This analogue service is mandatory for Starhub by IMDA. The SD video has open captions whereas the HD video is closed captions, so easy way out for them is use the SD video.

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