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Actually let not get confuse with home control and home automation.

Conventional control are via the physical switches, but with technology, control can be in the form of apps via smart phone and voice via alexa, google home....

Home automation is more like how programmable the system is....

In my opinion, to have a future-proof solution, the fundamental of your home automation should be in place first than move on to the voice controlled integration.

If you have everything that is cloud based, what if your internet or router is down.... can your house still function? No doubt cloud based HA is cheap because all the processing muscle are transferred over to the service provider.

Don't just focus solely on the price point alone.... end of the day, you are going to be using the system.....

Yo, welcome to endless reading HA is still an ever-changing landscape, more and more players are emerging now, it gonna be more segregated. Probably non would be a future-proof solution. It's more on which one meets your requirements at the current point of time and most the importantly, budget..

For me, I would wait until I settle the renovation and when want to move in then review again on the available products. And not forgetting rewiring the Neutral line to all the light switches..

I want the HA integration with HomeKit because my family is using IOS.. So, I have to choose a platform with large base users, as the community support is required to write the HomeBridge plugin. More people use = the plugin will be available quicker, bugs solved quicker too

As of now, Mi Home caught my attention.. Reasonable price, quality products, large user base, and integration are widely available.

I see, meh. There is no perfect solution, just need to find workaround
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