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He was abandoned on 5th May 2012. He was very skinny and had a severe gum infection and bleeding. We brought him to the vet and was informed he could be around 8-9 yrs old. He recovered fast and became chubby within a month. The residents named him Ah Fat. Some of us even named him Yoda due to the shape of his ears.

June 2016 he went missing. We thought he was lost forever. Surprisingly he was found 2 months later by my neighbor at Boat Quay. We were so happy and brought him back.

May 2017 he got cancer and became very sick and we almost lost him. But again he beat the odds and responded well to the med some immune boosting injection. He regained back his health and became more chubby and active. On sunday abt 11.30am one of my neighbours spotted him lying dead in the middle of the parking lot. His death was too sudden

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