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I see... So SCV port is only transmit DVB-C not T2. Any idea why SCV port only transmit DVB-C? I still think if gov just upgrade the antenna, the SVC port should able to support both C and T2 digital signal.
The SCV port gets its signal through underground cables connected to StarHub infrastructure, and not through antenna on the roof. Therefore upgrading the antenna isn't a solution because it's of a different standard.

The C in DVB-C stands for Cable, meaning digital signal goes through cable. Whereas, the T in DVB-T2 stands for Terrestrial, meaning digital signal goes through via air.

Also, StarHub will be discontinuing cable services by 2020 and will be fully fibre after that, as the cable network lease period has been extended to 2020(originally cable network lease ends in 2017) and StarHub will unlikely renew the lease again.
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