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Dunno what to do. Need your advices.

This is Patch. I have been feeding her since Jan 2002 when she was abandoned as a tiny kitten. She is 16 yrs old. Past 2 yrs due to some nerve imbalance she was on long term fostering sponsored by my neighbour.

Since last thurs she don want to eat or drink. Fri she was admitted. Sat i visited her and she was very alert. Her liver readings were high and seem to have heart issues. She was on tube feeding and was looking better. But Yesterday she was struggling to breath and had to be put in oxygen chamber. As of 9pm she is in a serious condition. Her heart issue is worse, her organs start to crash. So 2 options:

1) Leave her be - vet said she may not last another 2 days.
2) Put her to sleep n end her misery.

Too stressed now.

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