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Hi, I'm looking to get new speakers for my laptop (mainly to blast music) because my old one is busted. I just want to ask, if I want to shop for new speakers online, what do i look out for? There's no other way to test out the quality of the speakers other than to go to the physical shop and listen with my own ears right? Because some shops can't even test, it's all in the boxes.
And online shops don't even let you see the boxes.

What to look out for?
1) What is your perceived worth of the product?
2) What is others' perceived worth of the product? Affects point (1) above as well as sellability / repairability / modability. Because if everybody says its good, it makes you feel good and it makes the product good.
3) What is the price / sale price of the product w.r.t. point (1) and (2) above?

Then when you're happy, just hoot. Then you'll always be happy regardless of what you hoot.

Well you can actually predict how they will sound to some extent. Like some reviewers already decided their verdicts before listening to the speakers.

Then just make sure it fits your requirements (size, frequency response / quality in general, price) can liao.

Because a 3-star @ $500 product that you can buy for $250 is going to make you happier than a 5-star @ $500 product that you pay $500 for, or a 5-star @ $250 product that you pay $250 for.
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