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Rates from S&S origins (USA, UK, Hong Kong, UAE, India, Malaysia and Thailand) are SGD 15.00 for the first 0.5 kg and SGD 5.00 for each additional 0.5 kg.

Rates from S&S origins (China, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan and Lebanon) are SGD 22.00 for the first 0.5 kg and SGD 8.00 for each additional 0.5 kg.

Actual Weight Charges only.

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It's a pity your USA address is in New York, a sales tax state, and not Oregon. I would have preferred to use your services if not for this reason. The sales tax in New York is quite substantial.

Please suggest your company to move your warehouse to a sales tax free state. You'll definitely have more customers.
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