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The current administration under supremelee is so dirty and smelly what else surprises us

I tell u la even if they openly eat money

Sinkies will still continue with their lives

U think sinkies dare to do uprising like thailand if the gahmen is unjust?

because most citizens falls into politician trap.

Example politicians says they build the country to enable citizens have better life.

This has 2 meaning in it

1) Rich people no problem on this, they no debt no problem

2) salary people after hearing this, will quickly go buy private condo, EC, huge cars...end up land ownself in heavy debts.

Therefore have to guai guai work hard, like a dog....just to remain at such "atas" status

The salary people are basically slapping ownself one....

How will they dare to uprise
LHL: If u vote oppo, SG will fall. Even son threaten skill works too. SG people are daft
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