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I had some cash stolen from me but because I found out a couple of hours before flying off, I wasn't able to make a police report. I thought that because of that, I wouldn't be able to make a claim and gave up (yes an oversight on my part). But as i was talking to a friend today, I found out that it would have been possible to make a police report in singapore to use to claim the insurance, so long it is <24 hours. However, i only found out today and it is about 3 days since my insurance coverage ended (18 oct). I tried to call the help line and explained my situation but they said they can't help me. Curious if there is a way I could possible contest this? And if anyone has faced a situation like this before. (Yes this was a very expensive lesson. Sigh)
smlj your friend talk cock ah. i in argetina holiday, i lost money at argetina airport i never make police report with argetina police cos i coming back sg than i can go to my neighbourhood police post say i lost money at argetina ma? you expect spf to go argetina find for me?
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