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Okay so my m200mkii is pretty much RIP.

I tried bringing it to repair and it came back with the same problem. There's a sort of buzzing sound that's varying in frequency across both speakers when I turn them on after a while. Also, the sound coming out is a little distorted, especially at higher volume levels. (Higher as in, higher than my normal listening level. It's about 30% of the speaker volume which shouldn't be too much for it to handle)

At this point I'm thinking of just replacing it rather than to keep sending it for repair. (The last time I went, they blasted some music through it for awhile and then told me it nothing was wrong even though I insisted that there was lol)

Anyone got any suggestions for speakers of similar price and performance to the swans m200mkii? Preferably 2.0 system as I don't have space for a sub
Well hope they didn't charge you money for doing nothing.

If you have nothing to lose, want to leave at my place for a while?

Just about 2 years old and my Macklemore CR4s need to be sent in for repair. Need to jiggle the “swap main speaker L/R” switch a few times to get both sides to have sound. Hope the fix isn’t prohibitive
A more permanent fix would be called "f*** the switch" and just permanently short it out. You lose the ability to switch but you also lose the ability to spoil.
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