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I know a lil vague but looking to get a 2.1 speakers in my room.
Might hook it up to the TV and also occasionally to phone and laptop.
Max I'll go is probably 400?

Currently eyeing the following 3:
Aego 3
Logitech z625
Hivi Swans M10

I know the range quite big but that's why I'm asking for opinions! Thank you!
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Aego 3 : ~$700, Logitech z625: $220-260, Hivi Swans M10: $128
TV - movies in room?, phone - Music?, laptop - Music & Gaming?

Some thoughts:-
- How high is your sound quality expectation for this round of speaker purchase?
- How long do you wish this purchase to fulfill your need over the years?

Although active speakers are better tuned as an integrated system, but if build-in Class D Amp fails, these speakers become more or less useless.

if A) higher music quality is priority over movies/gaming, spending more makes sense. B) Movie, gaming priority over music quality - can spend less.

For A - Built an entry-level audiophile system about $600 - Passive bookshelf speakers driven by latest well-match yet tiny affordable Class D amp brings good musical SQ, yet provide sufficient extended bass punch for movies, gaming; more versatile & likely last longer over the years.

For B - lots of choice across all into lower price range. Besides those you saw, checkout iLoud Micro Monitor, AudioEngine A5+, Creative T40, etc to your list. add Subwoofer if needed. Some come with THX certified.

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