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Done everything I could. Ended up calling StarHub and they said there's some problem with my modem's connection with the router. But when I connect back my old Asus router, all seems fine. Not sure what's going on man. I hope it isn't any incompatibility issue.
This is possible IP related issue.
Your original router do retain the IP.
Hence no issue when connect back.

Seem tech support not happy to resolve as not get from them ...

They know your connection issue as they can check but did not assist further.
It meant that you have multi IP which cause the failed connection.
Actually they can refresh your IP, meaning assign another IP.

Most routers do retained any previous IP.
Hence it is better to do factory reset your Google WiFi for settings to factory default.
Also check for any firmware update, etc.

Had encountered this on other routers and they did refresh my IP which resolved.
The wait for 1 minute for ONT is that the PON indicator green stable.
This is to push new IP to your router.

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