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Wanted to check a few things: -

1. If you have 2 apple tv, I presume those purchased content (movies etc..) can be shared on both boxes?

2. When the movie is airplayed using phone to Apple tv, how is the resolution? Still accepted?

3. Seems like there are no app to play chinese movies. I dont mind paying subscription but apparently seems like not possible since no app.
For 1 i believe if same appleid or within same family
Grp can share.

For 2 i use viu to airplay not allowed, need premium sub. So i go to those online stream website 720p quality, quality not bad and quite smooth.

For 3 apple tv apps in sg really suck, cant find a streaming app that either my tv dont have or my ps4 dont have as well

Guess got to wait for netflix like sub for appletv. For 4k content youtube in apple tv does not support 4k
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