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new player here, i have not played in any of the other servers before. Wanted to try TW server last time, but lazy to vpn, dl translation etc etc. I saw the BDO Sea advertisement on FB a little too late but plonked my money last friday (bought only the 2nd cheapest pack though lol) and immediately fell in love with the game.... i played the entire weekend away and it's quite scary how the immersion will just KILL all the spare time you have. I am currently lvl 24ish trying to set up some worker empire thingy (having my PC run 24/7, no issues, just scared com burnt out) anyone have any tips on what i should do? (e.g chiong level, chiong money, chiong what?) i am currently clueless on what to do and chionging my main quest to get contribution points etc to futher invest in other nodes. Currently while questing, i keep getting gold bars and have gotten maybe like 4-5m. Trading in this game seems to be disabled and marketplace/marketboard seems to be RNG since i see pets going on for 4m, you need to bid and they disappear real fast (all items seem to have a weird server fixed algorithm)..

i really love this game, to the rest who are sitting on the fence, no need think liao, just whack the cheapest pack first, if you like then later can still upgrade to the other exp packs (5-10 USD nia, don't hestitate so much!) haha
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