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Hi bros, just out of curiosity, do you guys mind sharing:

1) your current own HA setup
2) how much (roughly) you have spent so far
3) any regrets on your setup so far
4) what is your next HA project

I personally have not started my HA project yet... tho i'm getting my bto keys tmr!

Currently i am rather invested into the Xiaomi Mijia Ecosys, they are not exactly cheap, but can be versatile in future.

1. Lighting: 1 Yeelight Ceiling Light, 3 Sonoff Ceiling Lights.
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum, Xiaoyi and Xiaofang IP cams. Xiaomi Router 3 Pro with USB hdd. Xiaomi Smart Home Hub, Human sensor, 2x Xiaomi Smart round switches
1x Google Home Mini

Currently the Xiaomi Smart Home Hub serves as my alarm clock every morning and my nightlight. The Human sensor automatically switches off the night light after i fall asleep.

The cameras record to micro sd card and transfer history footage to usb hdd which serves as a nas via Xiaomi router.

2. Expenditure so far should be around $700 liao.

3. Regrets: Bought Sonoff wall switches and found out they need neutral lines. For those who have neutral lines, Sonoff wall switches are good because they have BOTH wifi and RF 433mhz.

4. Next HA project coming up:

A. Linking up my Xiaomi Kettle to my yeelight ceiling light (it is also a bluetooth hub) #boliao
B. Xiaomi rice cooker to precook rice before reaching home #superboliao
C. Xiaomi Aqara non neutral wall switches.
D: A Smartthings hub. Why ? Because Smartthings support Zigbee and Z Wave. because Xiaomi aqara and related sensors run off zigbee, so i can depart off its own proprietary hub and be google home ready.
E: More Sonoff switches ( bought the usb flasher to flash them to Smartthings firmware)

Crap. too many plans.
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