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I suggest y'all don't buy. I (my family member) bought one set yesterday, came in an unwrapped box, and when it was turned on, the OS was in chinese with 16% battery left. Screen protector was already on, with scratches and bubbles on it.

I was still ok with all these, but when I tried to install a firmware update, it went to bootloader screen and failed. At this point I suspected that it was a China set with ROW rom on it. And after I found out that it was indeed unlocked, I am pretty sure my conclusion is correct.

I would have no qualms about keeping this tablet and using it if it works fine, but the youtube app can't be login-ed and it freezes. Will be going down to suntec or their shop to demand a refund.

What is upsetting to me is that the sellers and promoters is that they insisted that it was a local set with local warranty. Maybe I can go to lenovo and see what they say :thinkingface:.
As long as u have invoice and can register warranty, I think should be ok la. If there is no google store, obviously it is not local set
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